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New York, NY

Laurie Ulster

Freelance writer specializing in entertainment, parenting, pop culture, food & chefs, Star Trek stuff, trending news, and lifestyle topics. Supervising Producer on the Star Trek: Discovery aftershow.


If You Don’t Stop Chewing Like That, I’m Going to Lose It

I never thought I’d be so relieved to find out I had a disorder.
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It's Time to Detox From Detoxes

Why are perfectly healthy people obsessed with detoxes?
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I Loved My Belly When I Was Pregnant

But now, when I think of my gut, I I feel the judgment of the whole world.
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How Young Stars Are Changing The Way A New Generation Sees Mental Illness

Jared Padalecki and Demi Lovato are fighting the stigma of depression and bipolar disorder.
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I Don't Have Acne Anymore, But I Still Have The Scars

A primer for talking to your teen about acne, from someone who's been there.
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A Tokyo Hotel Is Offering Crying Rooms, and I Want One

Tissues, eye masks, sad movies and solitude? I'm there.
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Celebrity Chefs' Summer Eats: Allison & Matt Robicelli's Frozen Fruit Pops

From their Brooklyn bakery, the couple shares a sweet recipe for playing it cool this summer.

10 Morning Rituals of People Who Are More Successful Than You Are

Emulating these habits could put you on the road to riches.
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Finally, Proof That Tetris Makes You Smarter

The game makes the brain more efficient, at least until you start dreaming in it.
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Kids Got Lice? Doctors Now Say They Should Go to School Anyway

Sorry, kids. You and your lice are both going to school today.
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The Bikini Mom Isn't Making Me Any Braver

The popularity of Rachel Hollis' post-pregnancy bikini body isn't exactly cheering me up.
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Do You Dare to Double-Dip?

And will you really turn the salsa bowl into a bacterial free-for-all if you do?
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Laurie Ulster

I'm a freelance writer who started out as a TV producer, and then switched to digital, running sites like A&E and Fuse. My work most frequently appears at,, and at Scary Mommy, where I've written about parenting, lifestyle, feminism, pop culture, and just about anything else. I've contributed to The Chefs Connection (yum!), Momtastic, Women at Warp, YourTango, My Fave Places, Fuse, Great Moments in Parenting, and Purple Clover. I am also the editor of my local newspaper, and the Supervising Producer of After Trek on CBS All Access.



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