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Laurie Ulster

Freelance writer specializing in entertainment, parenting, pop culture, food & chefs, Star Trek stuff, trending news, and lifestyle topics. Supervising Producer on the Star Trek: Discovery aftershow.


Editorial: Spock Having A Sister In ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Is Not That Big Of A Deal

Can Michael Burnham really be Spock’s sister? Absolutely. Link to Story

Star Trek: 15 Things You Never Knew About The Borg

The Borg are Star Trek’s most formidable villains, but do you really know everything about them? Resistance to this list is futile.
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15 Really Terrible Moments For Women In Star Trek

Long before Jaylah and Captain Janeway, there were some truly deplorable moments on Star Trek for womankind. Here's a look at 15 of them.
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‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Promises “a lot of Klingons” and ‘Game of Thrones’-type death

We can also expect a ‘more grounded’ Harry Mudd, and some retro-looking tech. Link to Story

Star Trek: Captain Kirk’s 16 Best Movie Moments

Captain James T. Kirk was a hotshot on the small screen, so when he moved to the big one, he took his big personality right along with him.
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Star Trek: 17 Most WTF Things Captain Kirk Has Ever Done

He’s a rascal, that James T. Kirk. And look out, Prime Directive!
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My Adventures in Star Trek Comment Culture

A funny thing happened when I started writing about women in Star Trek ...
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Star Trek: 17 Episodes To Get Your Kids To Watch

Want to get your kids into Star Trek? Try some of these.
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Favorite Employees from Movies & TV

Today we celebrate Employee Appreciation Day with working stiffs from classic movies and TV.

Ten Star Trek Fun Facts from Michael Westmore’s Memoir

From snipping chest hairs to hyperventilating, Westmore has given it his all. Link to Story

Star Trek: 15 Reasons Jean-Luc Picard Is The Best Captain Ever

No one can make it so like Jean-Luc Picard.
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21 Famous Fans Who Could Show Up On ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

Ever since Alex Kurtzman talked about the celebrities interested in being on Star Trek: Discovery, we’ve been speculating. Link to Story


Laurie Ulster

I'm a freelance writer who used to be a TV producer, and then switched to digital, running sites like A&E and Fuse. My work most frequently appears at,, and at Scary Mommy, where I've written about parenting, lifestyle, feminism, pop culture, and just about anything else. I've contributed to The Chefs Connection (yum!), Momtastic, Women at Warp, YourTango, My Fave Places, Fuse, Great Moments in Parenting, and Purple Clover. I am also the editor of my local newspaper.



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