Laurie Ulster

Writer, Editor, Producer

New York, NY

Laurie Ulster

Freelance writer specializing in entertainment, parenting, pop culture, food & chefs, Star Trek stuff, trending news, and lifestyle topics. Editor and copy editor. Supervising Producer on the Star Trek: Discovery aftershow.


Interview: Rebecca Romijn Says Number One “Knows Her Sh*t” On ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

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The Many Sides of Scott Conant

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Ed Cotton’s Life in Food, on TV and in the Kitchen

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TrekMovie Interview: Denise Crosby

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Laurie Ulster

I'm a freelance writer, TV producer, and former website director. My writing most frequently appears at ScreenRant, TrekMovie, TheBump, Biography, and at Scary Mommy, where I've written about parenting, lifestyle, feminism, pop culture, and just about anything else. I've contributed to The Chefs Connection, Momtastic, Women at Warp, YourTango,, My Fave Places, Fuse, and Purple Clover. I'm an editor and copy editor, and I was also the Supervising Producer of After Trek on CBS All Access.



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