Laurie Ulster

Writer, Editor, Producer

New York, NY

Laurie Ulster

Freelance writer specializing in entertainment, parenting, pop culture, food & chefs, Star Trek stuff, trending news, and lifestyle topics. Editor and copy editor. Supervising Producer on the Star Trek: Discovery aftershow.


Jessica Alba’s Go-To Tricks for Getting Her Kids to Help Out and Feel Heard

The Honest Company founder dishes on how she's juggling life as a mom of three.
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How I Used Trump’s Lies to Get My Daughter To Doubt Conspiracy Videos

How I Used Trump’s Lies to Get My Daughter To Doubt Conspiracy Videos
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I Love Having Older Kids. There's Just One Catch.

Our freedom is their freedom, too.
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How I Learned to Be A Better Sports Mom

Soccer almost did me in, but in softball I found my redemption.
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My #MomFail: I’m the Worst Soccer Mom Ever

I just can't compete with the water-bringing, ball-remembering, soccer-savvy parents.
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It's Time to Detox From Detoxes

Why are perfectly healthy people obsessed with detoxes?
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Barbie Vlog Teaches Girls to Drop the ‘Sorry Reflex’

She says we say it because “we're afraid of being too big”
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Garth Brooks' Parenting Dance

A country megastar packs lunches and doles out solid advice on raising kids.
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Why Are Women in Bathing Suits the New Faces of Feminism?

We've gone from burning our bras to posing in them on the Internet.
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There's a New Kind of 'Me Generation,' and It's Dangerous

Cut we cut down on the selfies a little?
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The Many Sides of Scott Conant

Read our espresso-fueled interview with Scott Conant.
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Why I Love My Swimdress

I know you think what's best for me is the bikini, but you're wrong.
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Laurie Ulster

I'm a freelance writer who started out as a TV producer and then switched to digital, running sites like A&E and Fuse. My work most frequently appears at,, and at Scary Mommy, where I've written about parenting, lifestyle, feminism, pop culture, and just about anything else. I've contributed to The Chefs Connection, Momtastic, Women at Warp, YourTango, My Fave Places, Fuse, The Bump, and Purple Clover. I'm an editor and copy editor, and I am also the Supervising Producer of After Trek on CBS All Access.



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