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New York, NY

Laurie Ulster

Freelance writer specializing in entertainment, parenting, pop culture, food & chefs, Star Trek stuff, trending news, and lifestyle topics. Supervising Producer on the Star Trek: Discovery aftershow.


I Love Having Older Kids. There's Just One Catch.

Our freedom is their freedom, too.
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It's Time to Detox From Detoxes

Why are perfectly healthy people obsessed with detoxes?
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Why Are Women in Bathing Suits the New Faces of Feminism?

We've gone from burning our bras to posing in them on the Internet.
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There's a New Kind of 'Me Generation,' and It's Dangerous

Cut we cut down on the selfies a little?
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Why I Love My Swimdress

I know you think what's best for me is the bikini, but you're wrong.
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Can I Handle the Stress of Going Back to Work Full-Time?

Fears of a going-back-to-work mom.
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Why Staying Together For The Kids' Sake Isn't Doing Them Any Favors

Ending your marriage doesn't mean you love your children any less.
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Why I Am Ditching Mom Shorts

My journey toward acceptance of my knees. Yes, my knees.
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5 Ways to Get Over the Dread of Having Your Photo Taken

I’m always the one behind the camera, in pictures of our family.
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Barbie Finally Gets Flats

Barbie continues her slow evolution towards reality.
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Finding (and Marrying) a Man Like Dear Old (Gay) Dad

My father is gay. And so is my husband — kind of.
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A Radical Idea: Go Get A Job Right After High School

Maybe college can wait a while.
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Laurie Ulster

I'm a freelance writer who started out as a TV producer, and then switched to digital, running sites like A&E and Fuse. My work most frequently appears at,, and at Scary Mommy, where I've written about parenting, lifestyle, feminism, pop culture, and just about anything else. I've contributed to The Chefs Connection (yum!), Momtastic, Women at Warp, YourTango, My Fave Places, Fuse, Great Moments in Parenting, and Purple Clover. I am also the editor of my local newspaper, and the Supervising Producer of After Trek on CBS All Access.



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