Laurie Ulster

Writer, Editor, Producer

New York, NY

Laurie Ulster

Freelance writer for TVweb/print/podcasts, specializing in entertainment (especially TV), food & chefs, parenting, Star Trek stuff, trending news, and lifestyle topics. Editor and copy editor for digital, print, and TV.


The magical powers only few possess… are you the one?

Every day, I am reminded of the amazing powers I have that no one else in my home shares.
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If You Don’t Stop Chewing Like That, I’m Going to Lose It

I never thought I’d be so relieved to find out I had a disorder.
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Nostalgia for A Time That Isn’t Over

Have you ever found nostalgic for a time that you’re still in?
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Marcus Samuelsson's Swedish Hot Dogs

Celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson serves up a doggone good taste of home.

The Five Most Ludicrous Things I Can’t Get Rid of

All of you with clean, uncluttered homes, I salute and envy you.
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Mistakes I Made That I Hope My Kids Won’t Repeat

Here, my children, are the mistakes I hope you never make.
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The Best Disney World Rides for Kids Who Scare Easily

If drops, drops, and twists arent your kids' idea of fun, you're in luck.
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Five Twitter types to avoid at all cost

Twitter is just as full of smart, thoughtful wordsmiths as it is inarticulate, angry lunatics.
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Have You Had Your First Colonoscopy?

It may be less terrible than you think.
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We Get Along Great, But We’re Boring the Crap Out of Each Other

It's not me, it's them. Or is it?
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Perfect Holiday Gifts for Fans of The Office

The Office: The Official Party Planning Guide To Planning Parties is full of tips and delicious nostalgia.
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Can Anyone Tell Me How to Get My 13-Year-Old to Clean Up?

Help a mother out.
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Laurie Ulster

I’m a New York-based writer, TV producer, and copy editor.

My writing has been featured at ScreenRant, Biography, TheBump, and at Scary Mommy, The Chefs Connection, Momtastic, Women at Warp,, YourTango, My Fave Places, Fuse, and Purple Clover, and I'm a regular contributor to Taffeta. I'm a contributing writer on the book "What to Watch When: 1,000 TV Shows for Every Mood and Moment."

I'm also a former website director (so I know my way around a CMS and SEO) and copy editor for digital, print, and video.

I’m a Senior Editor of, the biggest unofficial Trek site on the web, and co-host the All Access Star Trek podcast. It’s a passion project.



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